#4 Matt Leighton

This man came out to meet an underage girl , during his confrontation he mentions be raped with a sausage! Less than an hour after his catch his mommy calls to defend him.

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  1. OMG… this was literally the BEST one you guys have done so far! I love the way you sit down with the predator & psychologically analyze him piece by piece. Awesome Work!!!! Damn I love yall… and at the end the mom made herself sounds so stupid! Oh yea by the way, the Incognito leader has the most sexiest voice I’ve ever heard! I just love to hear you speak when ur breaking these guys down. Sound Super Sexy… Hahaha Keep the videos coming. I’m subscribed.

  2. 😮 there’s people in Canada doing this? that’s so exciting… but would feel so much better if pop squad was here too. Very excited to have you here. It blows my mind how serious of a problem this is. Over the last few years I’ve realized just how ignorant I was. It’s very sad.

  3. This is a scary catch. This kid is far more concerned with the legal implications of his behavior than he is with getting help. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with him, he’s only worried about going to jail. The only reason he’s admitting he was wrong is because he got caught and literalky has people in front of him telling him his behavior is wrong. Judging by the confrontation, I would say he has major, MAJOR mental issues. It seems he is ridiculously slow with logic and processing close to that of a 15 year old. Could explain why he relates to kids more. His brain is definitely nowhere near the development of an average 24 year old. He really is a teenager mentally. That is NO WAY an excuse for the sick behavior. He needs long term therapy, but, he will never get help. It somewhat sounds like (going by mommy’s phone call) she may allow him to behave this way because she feels guilty for the way he is. I know she said she didn’t raise him. She tried to be protective with that phone call. That tells me that she carries a ton of guilt for possibly not being there throughout his life, and also the mental problems he has. She uses these as excuses for his behavior…like ‘yeah, he’s messed up, but part of it was my fault and I carry so much guilt I’m going to do whatever I can to protect him, even when he’a wrong.’
    Mommy is enabling this sick bastard and she needs a bunch of therapy too, she’s got co-dependency issues at the very least. So, so scary. This isn’t uncommon, you have the sick sons that live with their mothers that usually suspect something’s going on but they act completely ignorant to everything their son does, until the kid ends up on the news one day because he was finally arrested after discovering 10 bodies buried in their backyard. Just unbelievable. Then the mother acts so surprised and says ‘he was a good son, quiet, never caused any trouble’.
    anyway, sorry for the rambling. Your vids are a psych counseling major’s dream.
    I could tell, within the 1st 2 minutes of watching this kid that he would NOT be getting any help. Thank you.

  4. Yo Nito, You need to sell t shirts with the best quotes like ” They stuck a sausage up my ass” I’d buy 5 of em!