#4 Matt Leighton

This man came out to meet an underage girl , during his confrontation he mentions be raped with a sausage! Less than an hour after his catch his mommy calls to defend him.

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  1. OMG… this was literally the BEST one you guys have done so far! I love the way you sit down with the predator & psychologically analyze him piece by piece. Awesome Work!!!! Damn I love yall… and at the end the mom made herself sounds so stupid! Oh yea by the way, the Incognito leader has the most sexiest voice I’ve ever heard! I just love to hear you speak when ur breaking these guys down. Sound Super Sexy… Hahaha Keep the videos coming. I’m subscribed.

  2. 😮 there’s people in Canada doing this? that’s so exciting… but would feel so much better if pop squad was here too. Very excited to have you here. It blows my mind how serious of a problem this is. Over the last few years I’ve realized just how ignorant I was. It’s very sad.