#6 Richie

This catch was a learning curve for me. I hadn’t come across a predator that knew not to talk sexual in the chat logs at this point so I made the mistake of being somewhat nice to him. It was an extreme mis-read and never happened again. I mentioned blurring his face in the video but I had a conversation with him the following day & it revealed his true colors which prompted me to re-upload it uncensored & never offer to blur anyone again.

Comments 10

  1. This guy is scary alarming because he has that deception. This is sick thinking of the steps they take to cover their tracks. I’m so glad you guys are raising awareness. I firmly believe in Chemical Castrating these scum. I’m sick of hearing about this not getting enough light shed on it. Thank You!

  2. If I got a nickel for every time this guy says “Shit,” I’d be very close to being able to retire.

  3. hes a liar, my brother is a compulsive liar and he has all the same manorisms and says the same things. also very shifty eyed. i hate shifty eyed ppl. im not talking situational awareness…. thats something else.

  4. Piece of shit. Looks way older than 26 too. Why hasn’t law enforcement done anything with this scumbag?