#7 Andrzej Matysiak (aka Andy) (Convicted)

This 66-year-old married man was coming to meet what he believed to be a 15-year-old boy. He sits with the live decoy & reveals what he would like to do with him sexually. The plans get ruined on the way to the car with the decoy when he’s confronted.

Update April 23, 2018

Andrzej Matysiak, 67, was granted Accelerated Rehabilitation – a first-time offender program – on Friday in Bristol Superior Court. If he’s successful, charges of attempted second-degree sexual assault, criminal attempt to commit enticing a minor by computer and attempted risk of injury to a minor will be dropped on April 14, 2020.

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  1. Only seen about I vids so far, but this guy, He’s human garbage. NO remorse, NO concern for children, NOTHING. Just worry for HIS reputation. There is no getting through to the ones that are like this guy. When he turned to walk away, I swear he was smirking.
    It’s sickening how disgusting perverts like this get to come into this country and basically live as pedos while other hard working, honest people have to live shit lives elsewhere in the world, in poverty. Just sick. Guys like this sicko need to be locked away from ever seeing daylight and forced to stay in general pop. No ad seg, no protective custody, just let the inmates take care of them. No excuses for this sick, vile, disgusting behavior.
    Thank you for getting this nutjob off the street/internet, even if just for one night.