#11 Brian

This guy was coming to meet an underage boy at 4a.m. after chatting for just over an hour. Like many others he gets to justify his actions.

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  1. It might sound creepy but you have a really soothing voice. Although I’d like the crap beat out of those guys, I appreciate how calm and level-headed you are. Thanks for your efforts – it must be soul-destroying to do what you do, over and over again.

  2. This kid is So FAR gone that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He entertained the idea because he was called out, but, he’s so deep into convincing himself this is normal that he’s saying whatever he can to manipulate the situation. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure he’s been at it for a while and won’t stop. the sickest part is the whole ‘advocate’ for children thing. NO, he is a life destroyer of children, the exact opposite. It’s so scary that people like this are all around. They find NOTHING at all wrong with talking to and meeting kids! I really think a good amount of these sickos are not fully mentally developed.
    This guy is sickening, shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of children. It’s probably a good thing he cannot have children. I can’t either and it literally sickens me that monsters just like this and even more disgusting than him have kids all the while sexually abusing children, and/or even their own. Hats off to you for keeping so calm with these dirtbags. I’m sure it’s so hard ro do.
    Also, if his employer sees this, just like all these other guys, this one doesn’t have any business being near or around children. Please don’t give him that opportunity.