#12 David

This 54-year-old was coming to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy. Upon meeting the decoy he made an advance and groped the decoys buttocks on the way to “the room”. Unlike most of the catches David was truthful and admitted he was there for sex as he said in the chat logs along with a lot of other graphic details.

Comments 2

  1. This guy has some nerve, having one of the most graphic chat logs at the time and saying that he isn’t a predator. Another thing that I notice is that when these predators get as defensive as this guy, they do not have any remorse.

  2. Im surprised the escorting out wasnt shown in the video.
    Also, are you not after more people? I see the last video was put wason nov 15, 2017, and its jan 27th, ’18.
    Is it legislation time? I hope those results are what everyone is hoping for.