#14 Ryan

This guy was coming to hang out with an underage girl after hearing that she was home alone. Ryan stayed to talk for so long that I had to ask him to leave.
Part 2 is below.

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  1. Total car salesman type. I’m around a few of those at work and those guys….you cannot believe a word they say. They’d sell you down the river for a dollar. He admitted he normally preys on weak and vulnerable females with “daddy issues”. That’s sick, goes to show you how he’s a master manipulator and loves dominance/control. So disgusting. STILL waiting for that follow up. An hour + of BSing about how “serious” he is about getting help, then radio silence. Not surprised in the least. So freaking sad though. You even tried to give him a break and STILL couldn’t make the effort. That’s when you know he was full of it. This is why I believe that people that do this are incapable of being “helped” and there is absolutely is no cure. We reqlly do need WAY STRONGER Laws, consequences, stronger release/parole terms and definitely wayyyyy tougher punishments.
    I never thought about this because I was the younger person, 16 years old and my first bf was my boss. 23 yr old, married “separated” man (used me and threw me away like garbage), with another 27 year old bodybuilder at work that would call me in the middle of the night and talk for hours about life, and also stuff he wanted to “do with/to” me. I was SURROUNDED by these guys. I was a kid, this was 20 years ago, but I don’t know why I didn’t get freaked out. Maybe it was because I felt that we spoke as equals and they treated me as equals. I was extremely mature, but I was STILL a kid! Looking back on this, at one point, I could have got about 10 older men arrested at any given time during the 15/16/17 age. This was so prevelant and just “normal” for me that I didn’t even think anything of it! That’s the scary part!! I know how many guys I had just surrounding me on a daily basis trying to “hook up”. But, I was also always a person surrounded by dudes because that’s what I was more comfortable with as friends, got along way better…at least the ones near my age. Crazy to think about how I was pursued by dudes JUST LIKE THIS GUY. This is more common than most people could even imagine. Now, with all the technology that wasn’t around when I was younger, I cannot imagine how bad it’s become.