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  1. What happened to this dude? I know your hands are tied maybe on what you can share, but would be awesome to know which ones the police ended up taking an interest in. Some guys come off really creepy like this one. Would be a shame for them to just walk away without some accountability. Love your work! Watch all of these religiously!

  2. If the civilian police are unable to prosecute this guy, or others like him in the service, you can always forward all the materials you have to the military. They can still nail them under the UCMJ, an Article 134 for starters. The standards of proof and rules are different.

  3. That would he awesome to hand over to military. I know in some circumstances the military comes down hard on some of its own. However, in other cases they are given a slap on the wrist and any trace of what happened is sealed or “disappears”. That’s usually for the the untouchables though. They can be very shady in some aspects. Their own judge & jury, how they see fit. Would depend on his rank and length of service most likely and kid is young too, so hopefully they’d just kick him out. Dishonorable discharge would be great.
    “circumstantial” Right.