#29 Fred

This early 60’s individual was grooming what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy for about 2 weeks. He was establishing a “Father son” relationship while having sexually explicit conversation as well. Fred was obsessed with wanting to spank the minor & asked things like “how much could I pay you to let me spank you” .

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  1. you have great social skills and seem like a very compassionate person that is genuinely trying to help. Much respect.

  2. This is actually sad. This guy integrates well in society and aside from the stupid, gross things he’s said online and the thoughts he obviously has, he could actually be a decent guy. Seeing as how his face hasn’t been blurred, I assume he hasn’t followed through. That’s so very sad. Most of these guys I already know won’t pursue help. But, I actually had a very small amount of hope for this one. Maybe it was all BS. In that case, he’s pretty convincing, which is even more disturbing. Thanks again for ypur dedication and doing what you do.