#33 Jim Batt Jr. (Arrested)

This guy came to meet what he believed to be a 15 year old boy. Shortly after the confrontation it was brought to my attention that he was a teacher at a high school. After the investigation the police found child pornography on his computer, one video of which he recorded himself performing a sexual act with a child. The authorities also found him in contact with multiple other pedophiles.

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  1. what a fucking creep… hate the “mentor” card they try to play. I’m glad they caught this sad excuse of a man, lying through his teeth, trying to act all calm. Damn they really all do sound the same, and just when you start to feel somewhat sorry for them or believe anything they say, they’re in the news for child molestation. You are my new hero. I have a 2 year old son, and I worry constantly about anything bad happening to him, so glad you do what you do and do it so well!

  2. what a fat piece of shit. I hope he gets what he deserves in jail. I hope he really gets raped and killed in jail. Have fun rotting in hell you piece of shit.

  3. Vile monster. He was a Special ed teacher surrounded by 13/14/15 year olds!! Plays the super nice, innocent, relatable, jolly act but soon as he’s behind closed doors I have no doubt he’s a violent, sick, twisted psycho. Probably one of those sick bastards that likes mentally/physically abusing the children as well as violently sexually violating them. This is an extremely evil one. He straight LIED to your face all the while knowing he’s been doing this for quite a while. What a sick, disgusting bastard. General population please, let the other inmates deal with this maniac how they see fit.

  4. I went to Plainville High School. Where this man was a teacher for a period of time. As far as I knew, he was a teacher with the special education students. And I graduated in 2009.