#34 Daquan

The guy took a uber from another town to come meet what he believed to be a underage boy. Daquan groomed what he believed to be a minor for just over a month before deciding to come meet & attempt to go to the minors house with him.

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  1. Wow, I think this kid just makes dumb ass decisions. In the beginning before you walked up he talked about how he told multiple people he was meeting someone and they all told him ‘don’t do it’. Then he talked about a bunch og setups lile this happening and police stings, but STILL went through with it. I think he’s just dumb to be honest. Just ridiculous decision making to be honest. I guarantee this is one of those drama queens that just loves the attention. Yikes.

    1. he’s not dumb, he’s just sick and his compulsions to harm kids are stronger than his voice of reason, disgusting pedo