#36 Eric

This guy came to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl after chatting for a short time. While waiting for the minor at the meeting location he was crouched down in the middle of an aisle trying to hide & look around at the same time. A little over a month after his catch he reached out to do a re-meet & talk about his experience being caught & what he has been doing to get professional help.

Re-Meet with Eric

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  1. I like how you didn’t let him buy his Monster energy at the end of his catch vid lol! Like nah bruh you can buy a drink somewhere else, right now y’all need to just leave. I’m somewhat surprised this guy actually came back for a re-meet.

  2. Im not sure how much… How seriously he is taking this but i do think he wants to fix this and he was for sure taking full responsibility

  3. In my opinion and after watching a lot of these guys, I’ve noticed a small majority of these guys just seem legitimately lonely. No excuse whatsoever but this guy, if he’s honest (and he seems honest) that’s a level of loneliness I just can’t wrap my head around. I think this says something about society in general. Plenty of Fish, Grinder, social media, porn…there’s like this huge fucking disconnect with reality. I’d love to ask the guy who runs the POP Squad what he’s learned from his experiences with some of these guys. He always asks “I just want to understand,” and I wonder if there is a connection. I’ve read reports on the effects of porn and how it can alter a person’s senses, decision making or can change a person’s views on things like rape, pedophilia or even the way they look at their spouses. We live in a sick society and I just can’t help thinking the bullshit people do online, the shit we see on television has some kind of affect. I used to hate all pedophiles, I wanted them all dead and after watching a lot of these guys I still do (some are beyond help) but there have been a handful that I almost feel bad for them and their inability to make coherent decisions, this guy being one of them. He seems like he’s making a change for the better and I wouldn’t put him in that “kill this asshole” category which means this site and actually raising awareness is working because I’m no longer getting into a blind rage and wishing death on (some) of these guys but looking beyond it and trying to figure out WHY this shit happens because if we can connect the dots and find a reason, maybe we can prevent this shit.

    1. porn has nothing to do with it, plenty of people watch porn, but not all of them try to hook up with little kids over the internet. Ted Bundy blamed porn for his murders, does that give him a free pass for raping and murdering tons of women? people like Bundy and other predators have nothing and no one to blame but themselves, they have free will and average or above intelligence, they CHOOSE to do what they do because they’re sickos and gain pleasure from hurting others

  4. He is very clearly just trying to save face on the re-meet.
    I can’t believe you gave this scumbag the benefit of the doubt.
    nito ilu man but sometimes you just get duped hard and this is one of those cases.

    Hope the sicko gets the help he needs.

  5. I knew this guy growing up hes a good kid had alot of issues but this isn’t him hes better than that