#39 Jon

This is a individual that came across a couple of my decoy profiles over a 2 month span of time. When he decided to come out at 2 am and meet it was after asking what he believed to be a 14 year old boy to take a picture of his bathtub so he can see if they would fit in it together. He also brought a rubber ducky.

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  1. It interesting to see that he would sleep with a kid, the rubber ducky and asking for a picture of the bathtub is gross. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Disgusting there is a place in hell for you.

  2. This is a sick bastard, he didn’t learn a damn thing from this. This one needs to be locked up for life. no concept of age. Kid probably could have been 12 and he’d be fine with it. What a sick, disgusting perverted monster. So gross. I cannot believe the amount of sick perverts just in your area and surrounding! What the hell is wrong with these nutcases. The closest person to me in life was beat, raped, and tortured on practically a daily basis by his stepdad from just a very small child to mid teens. His own mother knew what was going on, just turned the other way and acted like nothing was out of the norm. He endured the abuse so it didn’t start happening to his mother and half brother. Stuff people could’t even fathom because it’s so vile.
    This person that suffered this abuse wouldn’t even THINK of hurting another child EVER. I don’t want to hear the “I was abused”. People make their own damn choices and many of these disgusting perverts use being abused as an excuse to continue the cycle. Not saying this one did, but, I have a feeling he may dealt with some form of that growing up, just like half the population. It’s interesting how we rarely see the same thing from females that were sexually abused and raped. Could it be because many of us have more compassion than most men and we could never dream of doing that to a child (at least a lot of us)? Or, I wonder if it’s just that they aren’t caught as much? Sorry for the rant, this particular jerk’s behavior just triggered the hell out of me. Great catch.

  3. He thinks its funny/a joke, disgusting despicable piece of crap, I so badly wanted to beat his ass, no idea how you guys are able to keep your cool around these freaks, you guys are amazing