#44 Dean

This individual drove 50 minutes to come & meet what he believed to be a 14 year old girl. During the confrontation I discover that he has a daughter of his own & he began to cry when he realized that she could run into someone like him one day.

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  1. He does look defeated. I almost feel sorry for him, and then I remember what he wanted to do and I think about my daughters with creeps like this out there. It makes me want to start my own Pop Squad chapter.

  2. Since I’ve been watching these videos I’ve managed to somehow see the human inside these creeps and this guy almost makes me sympathize. The fact he didn’t talk about sex and his demeanor make me think he just can’t connect with people his own. Still. 14 years old…I just can’t understand how these guys find themselves going to meet someone that young. They know right from wrong, some even know it could be a trap and they STILL do it. Its like a serial killer who can’t help themselves from killing…they understand its wrong yet they do it anyway. Its truly terrifying to see what humans will do when an urge takes control of them.

  3. These creeps do low down dirty stuff like this and then have the audacity to have an attitude and get short with people.