#49 Alec (aka “Ronnie”)

This individual groomed what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy for a 3 month period. When he finally decided to meet he had a lot to say about his actions & what parents should do to prevent this from happening to their children. Months after catching Alec his family member contacted me to meet & discuss he feelings on his actions & how it affected her and her family.

Meet with #49’s Family

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  1. i’m becoming addicted to these videos… i suffer from extreme depression and loneliness and up until recently could’ve seen myself succumbing to this temptation… but glad to see what is potentially in store if i do… and now glad to know that this will never ever be me… your videos are the wake up call and the voice of reason that potential predators need to hear before making a horrible decision…

  2. Wow. So, this catch was actually kind of sad. You get pissed w these guys because they start off so defensive and with an attitude. But, with this one, once he let the situation sink in you could see he was just defeated. I actually wanted to feel a little sorry. At least sorry he dealt with abuse as well. The fact that he was going to continue that behavior was stupid, to say the least. But, thank you to the family member for speaking. That shows he does have an actual support system and the chances of him getting better if he does get help are pretty good.
    It’s so nice to see someone from the family reach out and take the time to meet with you. That really speaks volumes about the people he has there for him that actually care about this behavior and doing whatever they can to stop it and help the kid.
    This was awesome to see.