#51 Camilo

This individual came out to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy after a short conversation. Camilo was talking in the chat logs in perfect English & upon being confronted tried to act like he didn’t know how to speak English , luckily there was a good Samaritan that spoke fluent Spanish & was able to assist by translating during this confrontation.

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  1. This thing, I’m not going to call it a man, but, this thing is so full of crap it’s disgusting. This is the problem. In other countries, stuff like this happens and NOTHING happens to these people (underage children w adults). They come over to this country, whether they can speak english or not, and play this language card in order to try to get out of trouble or have to answer for, or take responsibility for breaking the law. THIS is a PROBLEM!!! People that come here need to at least learn the language and be able to communicate!! You’d better believe many people going to countries that don’t speak the language are screwed and get taken advantage of, so why can so many fet away with breaking the law here or getting in trouble because they “didn’t understand” This disgusting dirtbag tried to act like he didn’t know the age because he speaks spanish. What a joke. I REALLY HOPE to God this sick jerk gets taken in. Then he can try playing the “no speake ingles’ card in jail and see how far that gets it. Unbelievable. He understood what you said, he’s just cowardly loser.