#55 Rhom (Arrested)

This guy had come across the chat logs of 3 other decoy profiles that I had , all of which he knew the age of & not only talked nasty but sent graphic pictures to as well. I didn’t get to catch him the first 3 times due to regular good people reporting the profiles and losing them. The 4th times was when I was able to switch phone numbers with Rhom & finally catch him. The most disturbing fact about this individual is he is already currently on the sex offender registry for raping a female , and all 4 times I spoke with him he believed he was speaking to a 14-year-old boy. This is more alarming because it demonstrates a few things, #1 he clearly won’t stop , #2 he has no gender preference of his victims , # he has no age preference. Another example of someone who should never be part of society !!