#58 Abel

This individual came out to meet what he believed was a 14-year-old girl. Upon being confronted he switched his story of why he was there multiple times, ranging from it wasn’t him , to he was talking for his cousin , then finally admitting what he had done was wrong. He also tried to walk away from his car with hopes that his license plate wouldn’t be documented, that didn’t work!

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  1. Didnt you hear him he was there to get a headache hes got a red box with his girl…. man this ones brutal… kind of hard acting at first mixed with oh damn oh damn “Whatchu say” RED BOX… these dudes are lame…CT love glad ur sweeping the local scum

  2. DUDE WEAR A SEATBELT, especially if you go speeding trying to grab the license plate. Nevertheless, excellent work Nito! You outta be wearing a cape confronting these guys.