#59 Jordan (Arrested)

After a short conversation of graphic chats Jordan drove from another town to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl. Jordan is an active staff sergeant in the Army. This is the only individual that was stupid enough to try & actually attack me, after losing the hand to hand battle he actually managed to get ahold of my GoPro & take off running to his car. He then attempted to hit me with his car before speeding off. Luckily followers recognized him right away and identified him & he is under investigation. More updates will be coming soon. Another example of how these guys come from all walks of life.

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  1. That sucks that you didnt get the footage… oh well, hopefully he gets stopped. its a shame that someone in the armed forces is like this. thought it was protect and serve.

    1. If he’s in the armed forces couldn’t you “anonymously” turn this video into someone on the administrative side?. I’m sure they’d be interested to know that someone they call a brother is actually a sick pedo and want to deal with them swiftly so that they aren’t tired to hiding a pedophile