#60 Keith (Convicted)

Keith is a registered sex offender with offenses dating back to 2005. After getting off easy multiple times he was slapped on the wrist yet AGAIN with a weak 18 month max sentence after being caught in this video. This is the PRIME example of how the system doesn’t make sense & changes that need to be made!

Update November 3, 2017

Keith was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to attempt to commit risk of injury earlier in October. He alo pleaded guilty to the possession of child pornography charge  after the warrant was served in court. Keith was sentenced to a year in jail for the possession of child porn charge, which he will serve concurrently with the 18 month sentence.

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    1. This dude is huge, to be sure, but he’s also flabby. Can’t even throw like a man (evidenced by how he flings his icy drink at the end. Should have been picked up for littering too).

  1. Sixth time hes been caught up and noone gets caught every time they break the law so this sick fucker has probably been up in hella little boys booty holes [kat williams reference]..hope he got life after this

  2. I hate to stereotype but are all these losers a bunch of fat balding unattractive peter pans living with there mothers? This mfer unemployed too asking a kid for Uber money!! So he can rape him how is this cocksucker walking around!!

  3. Cannot believe this monter is free to prey on more children. After FIVE prior arrests. That is inexcusable!!! Seems the type to snap and go shoot up his job (if he had one) or some random place. Deep seeded anger, comes across as a sociopath. Lives with mommy, never made anything of his life and adults don’t find that attractive and they are too much work for him. He thinks kids are easy and don’t have to put in work or seem like a normally functioning adult, which he’s not. Kind of wondering if his anger/behavior stems from daddy issues. Definitely is stuck in the mentality of a child. Just disgusting. These evil monsters will all be held accountable in one way or another.
    Thanks again for doin what you do.

  4. Can some type of event be organized to increase the penalties and make everything stricter for these type of laws? such a joke