#61 Parris

This is by far the most arrogant, unintelligent, snobby predator caught to date. This guy went from saying he was wrong, to saying he wasn’t wrong at all. He justified what he did while being sarcastic & disrespectful. This is the only catch that I decided to “roast” the predator because he was conducting himself unlike anyone I had caught. The night his video was posted he decided it was a good idea to comment on his video attacking people who were commenting on his actions, he then deleted ALL his comments & changed his Facebook name.

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  1. Much respect to you and the work you do and like the new sight but for one little problem I can only see the upper rite corner of the video like if I had it in full screen and sliced it in four piece’s.I looked every where for a way to adjust or fix with no luck.

  2. The more videos I watch the angrier I get… I don’t know how you do this, but I hope there’s more of you out there. This world is sick.