#62 Erik

This is the 2nd youngest guy that has been caught. Very disturbing because he too had all the same patterns as the older guys that clearly have experience in grooming & being extra cautious about how they attempt to meet a minor.

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  1. I am glad you confronted this kid because I believe you possibly have stopped him from ever doing this again because he is so young. I certainly WANT TO believe that. But i think this kid is confused a bit, he said he is gay and is still in the closet. I am in no way excusing his behavior. because he could have hooked up with a guy more his age, so why he picked to meet a 15 yo, i cant make sense of .
    Again, Great job, i think you may have seriously made a difference here! Only because he is young, and I hope this incident will make him go down another road. if he needs to hook up, he can hook up with some gay site with adult men. You rock mr. Pop !

  2. I wrote before and said you were a little racist. I want to pull back on that because the gist of what you’re doing is good. In thinking about it seriously, keep up the good work that you’re doing and give those child molesters and pedos all the hell that they truly deserve. Your hearts in the right place.

  3. I don’t know about this one. Not to justify his actions, he just seems like a lost dumb kid to me. I hope he finds his way.

    1. He’s not a kid anymore. He’s and adult. He can’t be meeting 13/14 year old girls.

    2. don’t think he will get in trouble for this but it will be a huge lesson for him to not do this shit again. he’s young and confused still but he needs to be aware he’s an adult and behave like it.