#63 Carl

This Massachusetts custodian (now former) drove to CT to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy after talking for a little while. Just like all the others he attempted to say he “wasn’t there for anything” before admitting what he was actually doing.

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  1. Disgusting animal!! Thank you incognito!! People like this should be exposed as much as possible..Great Cause!! GOD BLESS YOU POP SQUAD!!!!

  2. These assholes deserve jail, where they can GET WHAT THEY REALLY LIKE. DICK UP THEIR ASS, AND SUFFER. No filters when it comes to these monsters.

  3. Hi thank you for talking to this creep lm from West Springfield ma not to far from me he has been arrested hope he learns his lesson thank you popsquad keep up the good work!!!

  4. lmao that was my janitor, I remember getting the phone call from the district. We get yelled at if we talk about the situation.

  5. Great Job dude, u really r making a differnece and raising awareness ?. Really hope this guy gets the help for his sickness