#64 Alex (aka “Jonathan”)

This guy pounced extremely quick after sending some graphic photos & asking for the same type of pictures in return from what he believed to be a 14 year old boy. He waited outside the meeting location trying to get the minor to come out to his car , upon being confronted he drove off thinking he would be safe from being identified. Upon posting his video he was identified in under 48 hours & is under investigation.

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  1. Whens the next pop, Im watching all the way from california! the movement is getting bigger keep it up. please dont stop after 64

  2. Thank You for all you do. Im a nurse in New Haven and if I can ever be of any assistance please dont hesitate to contact me .

  3. Thank you for actually doing something instead of just complaining and talking about how awful this type of behavior is. Looking forward to more of your ‘catches’ being ‘arrested’.

  4. Thank you for what you’re doing. We need for people talking about what’s going on in our country. It’s not war, or damn politics, its called child abuse. I can join forces with you if you’d like. I’m good at investigating, and for surveillance too. We need to get these bastards off the streets, but most importantly, we need to raise awareness.

  5. Brilliant!!!! Watched 3 get Popped , can’t wait to share and see #1000. Glad I stumbled on this from one of your fans reposting. Amazed @ the refined skillz,,you have another lifelong fan. On a serious note I get it, and please take my money to continue this Great Commission! BrIan in Bama.. Stay Incog & Safe!!

  6. Well, this one didnt work out great, but the look on his face, he looked horrified, and yelling you got his plate probably kept him up all night. Well done !!!