#65 David

This guy pounced very quick & drove 45 minutes to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy. During his confrontation he reveals that he raped an 8-year-old boy when he was 11 & raped another 8-year-old boy when he was almost 12, point being these guys start early & there is no cure for them!

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  1. They start early because they too were raped as children. It’s a vicious sad and cruel cycle that is so hard to stop and sadly very few , if any can be helped. So keep doing what you are doing .

  2. Disgusting! Police need to follow up with these videos and protect our children! Time to start being proactive and not reactive. Popsquad, keep doing what your doing! And thank you for all you do!!

  3. Just finished watching the entire video. Couldn’t get through it this morning. Thought he may have been on the autism spectrum when I first watched and he confirmed it. In and out of foster homes, residential homes and therapeutic schools his entire life. He doesn’t have a chance. He needs to be locked up in a psychiatric ward for the rest of his life. He was victimized his entire childhood and in turn has victimized others. He can’t and won’t stop.

  4. Just want to congratulate you on capturing and imprisoning quite a few sick people ! Great job on trying to keep the community safe, best of wishes.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE To the community! !!! I really wish police would take more action, but I know they have to follow the law, even if it’s messed up. I just don’t know what is going to have to happen in order to get their attention. Sometimes I think it is the law makers, who are trying to hide something ???? But stay encouraged because every waste of oxygen° you expose; is saving a child’s live ♡

  6. Well, he came out with the most bizarre attempt at an excuse that I’ve ever heard. It didn’t even make any logical sense.

  7. Hopefully, Southington police will take this seriously. They acted on #60 Keith, so I believe they will investigate. Thank you, Pop Squad, for all you do.

  8. Just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart we need more people like you in this world and asked for the questions you asked him there were just perfect they were matter hopefully when I get to court I live in Connecticut so I’m going to do whatever I can do to get this guy Arrested and hopefully this video can be used in court because she basically told him self I don’t know what more corporate need but anyway again thank you for your work I live in Westhaven Connecticut I live in Westhaven Connecticut and if you need any help going to meet these guys are anything let me now

  9. This dude is a complete NUT JOB psycho pedophile who NEEDS to be locked up to secure the safety of our children! This guy is just completely bizarre and the entire time I got the impression that he must be slow and have some serious psychological issues. No concept of what he is doing and little if any appearance of even caring about what he has done and planned to do. Just sick! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! Keep up the good work!

  10. WoW!! I have to say, Your questions were straight forward and direct, BUT, his answers were all over the place, he seemed to be struggling to answer you in a way that made what he was doing either “ok to do” or that he didn’t understand something about his meeting, which would make his meeting a child, more OK in his eyes, kind of like he misunderstood the child, and “IF HE KNEW THE AGE OF THE KID, HE *NEVER* WOULD HAVE DONE THIS.” Basically, this guy owned up to nothing, i personally would never even “think”about doing something like this because i not only am very protective of children, i cant wrap my head around looking at a child sexually. I have seen men get 10 year, 15-20 year, in prison for doing this, getting caught , but never did the act. I am in no way defending these sickos. But i think 20 year in prison is a bit harsh. I think 10 years in prison,, and 10 years in some type of forced counseling would be better.
    You mentioned Chemical Castration……. I think THAT is what needs to be done. BECAUSE , YOU ARE RIGHT. these people cant be helped. – Thank you very much for reading my comments *if you did* lol
    I respect and praise what you do, please keep up the great woork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is scary because I have two teenagers in the Bristol area and most likely this video looked like it was here. I moved from New York to give my kids a better life and every time I look it’s something worse out here in CT. Don’t think I made the right Choice of moving out of my home where I was born & raised. I want to thank you guys for all you do to keep our kid’s safe. I’m a working mother so no I don’t know everything my kid’s are doing when I’m not around or who they meeting up with. Thank you so much sorry if I sound so emotional ?

  12. This guy epitomizes all that is WEIRD & SCREWED UP and he should NOT be running around on the street. I HOPE the police of Connecticut act quickly and get this guy charged and prosecuted because he will surely do this again. I have to agree with other comments here about the guy seeming very strange and even slow (or on the autism spectrum) which he makes mention of in the video along with one of the creepiest displays of odd behavior at approximately 15:20. This individual has a history of RAPE from the time he was 11 years old and is still at this high strangeness many years later despite admittedly having gone through 10+ years of “therapy.” There are not words sufficient enough to describe the incredible strange and creep factors of this guy and again, I hope the police act quickly before this person is able to carry out any of his disturbing plans.

  13. it’s a sick world out there. Hate these fucking people. Love the way you deal with them, brilliant. I wish the police would be more involved.

  14. HE has been doing this shit since MIDDLE SCHOOL. i know him please lock this man up he violated my mentality handicapped cousin.

  15. I love how Nito stays on point no matter how many circles this guy tries talking in. I’m sure he’s used to that working on people but Nito never wavers and calls him out at every turn. Also, I am impressed with how Nito keeps his cool and manages to get these guys to talk and out themselves. By doing this, he increases the likelihood of the predator getting help. He’s very good at this and although it may not seem like much, I do believe you’re making a difference. You’re fighting a hard fight. Much much respect my friend.

  16. This asshole raped one of my best friends at the Marriott hotel connected to an anime convention 2 years ago while my friend was too drunk to consent a the rest of us were asleep. He got away with it… i hope he rots in hell