#66 Kevin

22-year-old Kevin came to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy with in 60 minutes of chatting , after sending pictures of himself exposed & having sexual conversation.

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  1. Wow … I love the manager when she comes out oh no you are all set !! Hahahah love that!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Thank u for cleaning up this scum!! They should be all thrown into a hole and set on fire!! Disgusting!

  2. Couldn’t tell you how much i applaud you for you’re revolutionary actions to better society! I truly believe you’ll go down in history for this organization

  3. I watched the video. I was quite disturbed as to the man’s behavior. It was defiantly unsettling, but informative. I think what you do saves lives. Keep up the great work.

  4. In a world full of injustice and deception, you all do amazing work. Thank you for trying to make the world a safer place!

  5. Yeah this dude apparently has tried to touch a lot of kids. Hes part of a card game community that I’m also a part of and more and more keeps coming out

  6. Thank you for your in the community. Cleaning up the streets is a great project. I wish this would end the problem, but to many of these predators never change. Thanks for all you do.

  7. This is absolutely disgusting!!!! So very thankful you are creating awareness for these people… may god help them.

  8. I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and just wanted to say keep up the good work. And I want like to help in any way I can I live in Binghamton New York.

  9. Man.. These videos get harder and harder to watch every time.. I’ve watched pretty much all of them though some i’ve had to cut short simply because I just couldn’t watch anymore without becoming physically ill.. The fucked up thing is, i’ve been spotting these types of people all over the internet for years since the days of IRC and couldn’t help but think, “Why the fuck isn’t anything being done about this!?” This was an absolutely brilliant idea you came up with bro. I’ve seen several copy cats come out of the woodwork since you started but I watch their videos and I spot them making so many mistakes, the cases probably never hold up in court (if they even make it that far) simply because they didn’t handle the matter properly in the way that you do. And that’s a sad realization.. These guys should never be afforded the chance to walk free. Props to you for all the work you’ve done, keep it up!

  10. The lady comes out and knows u guys… traaaamendous kid all u had 2 do was drop ur name…. speaking of that i love when u drop ur gimmick name to them, they’re so stumblin and mumblin they don’t even question it… unless thats ur legit name then i apologize but yea man, youre a pro the way u handle it and keep composed compared to all the others on youtube its admirable and with your way i hope something can be done and you reach your end goal

  11. I feel like this guy is a very lonely/isolated person and is maybe socially/sexually stunted as a result. Sad, but that doesn’t make it okay for him to pursue a 14 year old. He needs to seek therapy and psychiatric treatment ASAP to protect himself from young teens. Hopefully your exposure here of his behavior has influenced him to do this. There is still life for him to live, just not around young people.

    Thanks so much for your work – each creep knocked down might seem like small deeds, but it all adds up to big results ?