#68 Rob

64 yr old Rob came to meet what he believed to be a 14 yr old girl. After making it clear he wanted to be a sugar daddy , Rob decided to come pick up the minor while still working & take her with him to finish his shift.

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  1. Good job! Love it when they say it’s the first time. We all know that’s a bunch of buuuuuuullshlt. Keep up the good work and would like to heer if the police go after him er not.

  2. EXACTLY! so glad to see he’s still at it. these pervs are getting more and more brazen (i’ve been watching some of the Surrey Creep Catchers footage). Also, what’s the update on #s 1, 2, 3(?) , i rem #1 or #2 is mentioned in a later, still featured clip (#s 30’s or 50’s (?) ), and #67, please. Thank you

  3. You’re such an angel, to so many people because this could be been real. Of course you know that. That’s why you do it. I’m grateful for your courage, tenacity and justice. What you do is priceless. Something that could never be paid in full. I hope you realize how invaluable you are. I wish there was more people like you. From one parent to another, thank you.

  4. Nito!
    Alive and well! Please bro, if there is a long drought on catching this scum, update us!
    I don’t do social media and I was beginning to wonder what was up. If your okay, etc…
    Thanks for being a real superhero !

  5. Thanks for your hard work and dedication big homie. I hope your strapped, I don’t take a SHIT or grab my newspaper without my Springfield xd mod2 .40 sub-compact. It’s only 3.8″ inches long, small and easily concealed yet built to drop fools & I’m highly proficient. Just saying , if you ain’t. ….. ya should be. I have never pulled, hope to never have to but will be ready in case it gets that far and you have the articulate legal attitude and knowledge as I do so your a excellent CCW (potential) & I would feel better knowing there’s more good guys out there that can handle themselves and maybe save a innocent civilian. God bless you.
    Chad Robinson
    Albany Oregon

  6. from one parent to another
    you are an angel, i thank you for all that you do and continue to do. wish i could help, because i would in a heart beat. you will always have complete and total support from my family!

    From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦❤️

  7. This is the kinda thing we need to support. Glad to see you back! Spread the word. We need to support POP!!!

  8. How sick minded can he be? Has a 15 year old daughter and doing this kind of thing….glad you blasted his ass and karma will get back.

  9. Was this in Bristol? I think this is my fedex guy! DISGUSTING!! How do I contact FedEx and tell them I dont want him in my neighborhood, I have neighbors with little girls, disgusting!

  10. SO Crazy. I remember being younger going on aol and creeps would be everywhere. One old guy actually got busted on “to catch a predator”. You are awesome with what u do. Wish I was in the area to help!

  11. likely regularly does this: lure kid to ride truck, talk on ‘radio’ etc, inject or drink drug & hav way b4 shift ends, dump & go, since no one would be suspicious of such truck unless too early in a.m. or too late in p.m.(& not Christmas time)