#70 Christopher

Christopher, 41 years old, came to meet what he believed was a 14-year-old girl for a walk. After making comments about the child possibly being an undercover, he decided to meet. Upon arriving at the child’s address, he walked right into the house.

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  1. id love to see reaction videos of these guys watching their video for the first time…. king of POP CT ur the man Nito

  2. Nito nailed it on the head what he said this predator shouldn’t be a father. If I EVER found a man in my house to meet up with my teenage girl, he would be leaving the house in a body bag. Case closed.

  3. WillFann88
    Love watching you nail these SCUMBAGS!!!!!
    I wish you read #80s chat back to him to watch him try to back pedal is dumb ass out of it.
    I could watch you blast these pieces of garbage for hours.
    Is there anyway to watch #1 – #80

  4. What a POS! And to hear the kids playing in the background makes me even more mad!! Great job Nito and team!

  5. Lol….he was so nervous from being busted he had no idea what to say. Another great job to PopSquad 🙂
    Hope the nasty perve watches himself and sees for himself just how digusting of a man he is.

  6. This dude is just sad… He has no defense what so ever. That fact he is trying to cover is just sad… Chemically castrate these people.

  7. Wow! As big as his pupils looked and the way he talked incoherent and then couldn’t eaven operate his phone to take down your info I can almost garantee he took a big hit of Crack before he got out of his car. Another good catch! Keep up the good fight and look forward to #71!

  8. Did he have any sexual intentions? if he did then he deserves to be locked up, but just a dude wanting to go for a walk? idk if its that bad. Try going for predators that want sex, then you’ll get the best reactions lol.

  9. This is my science teachers ex husband and I think what he did is disgusting, and I hope he gets all the punishment that he deserves

  10. He said he’s got a shop in Bristol. Anybody know what the name of that establishment is? Gotta get that info out there so the community can boycott his place of business.