#71 Donovan

19 yr old Donovan came out at 10:30 pm to meet what he believed to be a 14 year old girl home alone. As young as he is, he displayed the same patterns & caution as repeat offenders that I have caught.

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  1. Nito Breaks em down,pound for pound and verbally knocks em out…Bro huge supporter of your work,I fully support what you do,and I watch and share your videos to raise awareness,you are an inspiration to alot of us…Real supporter here.

  2. Just once i want to see one of them say “i dono why, im a F***in nut and im attracted to little kids” instead of the same tired nonsense…. banging them out Nito

  3. You need to grab #64 Alex…last known locale is in Waterbury. Still enrolled in College here in state…pedophiles now with his “boyfriend” Kevin Lalla…

  4. #71 Needs to be arrested, My daughter knows this guy and Mark my words just from what I know this guy is going to be arrested if not today then in the future. I don’t for one second doubt he’s a pedophile in the making.

  5. yo this dude uesd to go to my school lmfaooo i knew he was a predator this dude sus frfr i wana push him into lockers