#72 Jamie (aka Geoff & Mason)

Jamie reached out to us originally as “Geoff”. He contacted my decoy profile (a “14-year-old girl”) and began talking sexually. He asked if the 14-year-old would be willing to have a sexual encounter with him AND his friend “Mason”. Once “Mason” started chatting “Geoff” never sent another message. After a few days of chatting Jamie aka Geoff and Mason walk right into the sting house and this is what happened…

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  1. hey just an fyi
    Uber vehicle decals. Under local regulations for Savannah-Hilton Head, all partners must display an Uber decalon their vehicle while online. Place it on your front passenger windshield facing outward. i didnt see one did you?

  2. OMFG my heart was up in my throat. PLEASE update us about this monster as soon as possible. Great job Nito and Marine, You guys are heros.

  3. Huge fan of your work watch your videos all the time as i have two young daughters its nice to know there is an extra set of eyes out there, Bristol police need to respond faster.

  4. Thoughts maybe using a woman/man that looks really really young so when they go to meet her/him the conversation starts as you are video taping them, bam. You guys are doing a good thing. I commend you.

  5. Great work as always, but I have to counter the jab at the police department. First off, “if a child needed help in this moment,” you can bet your ass that it wouldn’t take 30 minutes for a cop to show up. The call wouldn’t hold, outgoing cops would have been held over, and roll call/briefing would have been cleared out early.

  6. Chilling. And knowing I work in the same city as that old pic of him… You just never think about people like that existing where you are until you see it. Very eye-opening, and thank you guys so much for making the world a little bit safer.

  7. Yooo…this video was intense,and the music was perfect for the video…great work guys for real…kudos to “Marine” doing all that marathon running,he sure did pace himself…wish I was there to help and take a leg in that chase,appreciate what you guys do!

  8. Yooo Marine with the STAMINA!!… good choice to add to the roster… you guys are kings of this… the way nito handles conditioned and patient i got nothing but respect for ESPECIALLY seeing as how he got a kid….CT love

  9. Jamie Dervin “Asst. Corporation Counsel-New York City Law Dept.” on linkedin. Deleted his twitter too. Sick Bastard. This was a failure by Law Enforcement. How can not one single officer be available at ANY give time. That is completely unacceptable. This sick pervert could have been arrested and taken off the street, but now, he’s probably hiding. Catch this waste of space NOW. Major respect to your boy. My God…poor dude ran so far.
    Come on, Luring a minor with sexual intent, impersonating a police officer, I’m sure the list goes on and on with this sick bastard. The cops were going to be handed this sicko without any effort on their part and STILL failed to respond. That is extremely ridiculous, something is clearly wrong with this picture. I can only imagine how parts of Connecticut have a lot of money and there are very powerful people that live there. Many people involved in politics and in with the sicko elites that prey on children reside there. Pedophile rings have already been exposed at the highest levels of government & entertainment, I can’t even imagine what other sickos you have in that area that have been involved in this stuff for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of children just “disappear” off the streets every year. That is NOT a coincidence. This happens with help from all walks of life, from the street to your officers, teachers, pastors, politicians, lawyers, judges, CPS, etc. That’s how big this is. Every sector has been infiltrated. Thank you guys for your efforts.

  10. God Bless PopSquad. ‘Nito, your team and you do such an important service for society. Get those creeps and be safe. You have my family and mine’s upmost admiration.


    Send this vid TO THE PRESS !!

    Jamie Dervin – Assistant Corporation Counsel – New York City Law Department
    Age: 36.
    Known as: James M Dervin

    James Monroe Dervin (Registration# 5252853) is an NYC government attorney registered with New York State, Office of Court Administration. The admitted year is 2014. The next registration is in Dec 2018. The company is New York City Law Department. The address is 100 Church St, New York, NY 10007-2601.

    State Status Acquired Updated
    NY Currently registered 2014 11/16/2017
    GA Active Member in Good Standing 2011 04/21/2018

    Jamie M Dervin

  12. Well, there goes your potentially prestigious law/real-estate career down the loo, Monsieur Pedo Le Pew! Smarmy little yuppie punk thought he’d just saunter into a random house and rip a child’s life to a g’zillion pieces for the fun of it, huh?
    Well, you little greasy, depraved little pigpot…you got POP’d!
    Have fun with a lifetime of shame and ostracism (it’s the very freakin’ least you should be getting!), James ?

  13. This Child Predator needs to be exposed to the community that he has a position of trust in. It seems that plenty of his info is now here and verified. He holds a high position of authority and needs to face reality for his actions. He went there with the clear intention to sexually abuse a child and then when caught all he cared about was if you were law enforcement. Once you told him you were not LE, this VILE child predator thought he could just make this all go away easily. Anyone reading this and watching the video needs to do their part and pass this around and notify the right people. Do not let him just blow this one off and move onto the next child, it may be yours.

  14. Popsquad does the excellent & professional job of catching these dedicated pervs. Do you sense a but.. Am thinking this cat is more representative of the type that are arranging the worst & most permanent damage (sex slavery, abductions, murder) of our children, and are less caught bc they’re hiding behind trusted roles and use different ‘meeting platforms.’ How can you get to them also, Popsquad? You know, coaches, clergy & costumers, so to speak!?

  15. This has to be the craziest confrontation so far. I hope the authorities are actively trying to get this guy off the streets. I know what should happen with the law isn’t always what does happen though. At least you exposed him.

  16. I agree, Tiffany. i wonder whether this snake managed to put in for a cease & desist against POPSQUADHQ? i am 200% positive that this perp is the type to ‘hob knob’ with major evil ones, compile a list of their compromised dealings & relationships, then call in favors for moments like these! When i first saw it, it seemed to me that he was farming for another; he gets off on kids but his main stay is priming them & providing the top echelons with his prepared ‘catches’. major creeper..

  17. Comment posted on Avvo (awaiting approval of comment) with video and description under James Dervin’s profile. Email sent today with every single employee of F****n, M***s & G**y on the email-chain (took 1 hour) that includes the video. Lets see………

  18. Does Nito have any updates on this sicko child predator James Monroe Dervin?
    Where can we view that separate chat log video if it’s up?

    Wonder if he’s still active at New York City Law Department, or if he’s been attempting to change his identity after getting exposed for soliciting sexual encounters with a 14 year old girl
    He MUST NOT be allowed to get away with this!

    Name Phone Fax E-Mail
    James Monroe Dervin +1 212 356 0873 +1 212 356 1148 jdervin@law.nyc.gov