#73 Mike

After talking about building a serious relationship & running a business together Mike, better known as #73, waited until the “14-year-old” girl was home alone to come over then take her to his place.

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  1. As someone who has worked in the legal field for nearly a decade, nothing is more funny than someone bringing up slander who clearly doesn’t know the legal definition.
    Thanks for all you do, guys!

  2. I agree with the other commits about how #73 does’t an issue with what he was doing. Clearly, this isn’t his first time nor do I think it is his last. He doesn’t need to be walking around looking for more victims I pray that the police gets off the streets. Again, POP Squad, a big thank you for what you are doing!!!

  3. This man stole from my family last year. Started a job, took money and never finished it. What a scum bag.

  4. I personally know this person. His name is Mike Maulucci and he’s actually from Plainville, CT. He does not live in another state. Honestly I never knew this about him. Also, he’s 36.

    1. I think that is part of the problem. Most of these guys don’t have a criminal record, they are well respected in their community, hell it could be the person you always invite over for BBQ and beers because s/he is a great person to be around. It’s part of the sickness they have to blend in with society.

    2. Yes, and he has 2 public profiles on FB. One under Mike (which clearly shows the truck he warned Nito not to show in this film), and the other under Michael. Between the 2 publicly posted profiles he has 114 friends. I sincerely hope one of those friends watches Pop Squad. If any of them have children, they need to protect them because Mike is definitely a danger. His complete disregard for what he got caught doing and the fact that he isn’t even trying to cover his tracks by deleting his accounts just shows what a pompous ass he is. As a survivor, I can tell you with confidence that most of these pervs will go after kids who are close to them. They’ve just become more bold since all of these chat rooms that kids join have become more prevalent. This jerk needs to be taken off the streets! Thank you to the Pop Squad team for expoding these creeps!

  5. What leaves me still scratching my head is the fact that this guy felt there was nothing wrong at all with going to a 15 year olds home and even admitting to saying he felt there was nothing wrong with getting to know and build a relationship with a minor. This def was NOT his first time thats for sure and he quite honestly is dumber than he looks as well-point blank admitting it himself that there is nothing wrong with chatting and meeting up with a 15yr old. We have to stop giving slaps on the hands to these types of guys otherwise it will never end or get better or be a lesson learned from off the rip. Another GREAT job once again PopSquad 🙂

  6. Wow! This guy had no prob doing what he was doing . By the way check the tats out. Looks like he may have been in prison before . Anyway. Good catch keep it up. You need to update if he and I hope his cartoon business go down! Can’t wait to see #74.

  7. You guys are Rock Stars !
    It was cool to see a different camera angle, but always like to see the expression on there faces when there called out.
    Or the sweat and trembling lips.
    In other words can’t see the expression on there faces of just being busted.
    I know you always here this, but stay safe guys!!
    Crazy world, crazy people.
    Bless you hero’s !

  8. LLc, hm. I hope there’s more than one owner of this pervert’s company and they see this and force this loser out. “I have a business lawyer” LOL! Way to go dummy! good for you, if he has any brains he’ll run for the hills and never defend his ass. Goes to show any moron with a low IQ and no common sense can “own” a “business”. This one’s a real prize. Good God, I can’t believe people actually hire LIARS like this. This guy did nothing but lie the entire time. his body language sold him out. What a dirty, perverted, disgusting sub-human. It is clearly evident this thing is very, very unintelligent. So unintelligent it’s actually disturbing. I’m sure one of the reasons he likes little kids is because he’s closer to their age mentally. Damn, that’s scary.

  9. Welp, looks like another sweaty, beady-eyed little p(r)edo chester-chump bites the proverbial dust.
    Nighty, night Mikey.
    Another great job, boys.

  10. Best moment :

    Ped: Uhhhhh what’s a chat log?

    PopSquader : Everything your disgusting self said to what you believed to be a…(14 year old girl)

    Ped: Oh, okay! (friendly neighbor voice).

    lol. Priceless.

  11. Great job guys becarfull one of those sick nuts might bring a gun keep up the great work I will write Congress to change the laws God bless !!!

  12. He’s in the white pages too, you can just look up his address in Plainville.

    I noticed he had a FB friend that works at a high school, I told her to not let this guy near that place and sent her this link.

  13. Nito, you and your squad have amazing patience. This is one of the ones I would have liked to see get his ass kicked.

  14. I love how he says hes gonna basically sue you if u slander his name, but slander would include you knowingly falsifying statements about him in order to fuck him over basically AND he would have to lose monetary gain because of the allegations lol. Considering what you are “Claiming” is real and can be proven, it isn’t close to slander