#75 Chris

Chris, better known as #75 drove an hour at 2:30 a.m. to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl after only talking to her for about 90 minutes. Another prime example of how the compulsions of these predators can outweigh all logic and common sense, and why the laws need to be tougher.

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  1. Another good catch! Wht bugs me is they always say ( I was just checking if it’s true or for real!) That tells you right there that there like ( All right I’m going to get me a young one!) It’s proven that these guys are un fixable so they need to be put away for good or castrated or chemically castrated or put down. Keep up the good fight and looking forward to #76!

  2. These ones REALLY piss me off. The ones that say they were “abused”. If so, they were at the most scared, helpless, terrifying place in their lives because some sick scumbag wanted to ruin little kids and their innocence. yet, they have no problem perpetuating the cycle and forcing some other poor kid into that same nightmarish position. Common sense and sanity would tell ANY sane person to never hurt anyone because they know how it felt when it happened to them. There really is NO fixing these sociopathic dirtbags. They are broken beyond repair. Lock them up and throw away the key or throw all these bastards on an island in the middle of nowhere and let them all fend for themselves and rot. We ALL have choices in life, if people don’t have common sense, are total sociopaths and attracted to kids then they are beyond any fixing. That’s just a fact. Their feelings can only be suppressed but they will always be there. It’s just a matter of when they choose to give in. So, get rid of them all. Once you violate a child and ruin a life, then that’s when these sick bastards rights should be forfeited. Only makes sense. Shoot, use them to test new drugs and whatever else needs testing and clinical trials, rather than testing on animals which is so unecessary and irrelevant because animals are so far off from us physically. To be accurate, start using these dirtbags for science and medicine. Get some use out of them for once in their lives.

  3. just a suggestion…i like the other camera angle instead of incognito’s pov camera. but for clarity, i would suggest using the audio from incognito’s camera instead of the audio from the second camera guy. just a suggestion, keep up the good work boys

  4. this guy looks so much like J.P. (not the uploaded photo but when he’s standg there with his cap on & all) that i thought he was pretending so as to experience how #NITO handles the cases.