#76 Ken

Ken, better known as #76, came out to meet a 14-year-old girl that he believed to be home alone at 10:30 at night. He drove suspiciously slow by the house, drove up the driveway, down the driveway, and back up before finally coming inside.

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  1. Please blow up all chat logs in a link. Very hard to see them when they are posted in a video. Keep up the great work. How can we help have more officers hired? You need to have law enforcement available.

  2. Does it make me a bad person because I’m disappointed I couldn’t watch him squirm more? LOL Great job, guys! BTW, absolutely LOVE the new graphics at the beginning & end of this video. Awesome!

  3. think about grabbing a G7x mark ii for your next cam. It captures videos in dark light like this and adjusts. keep doin what you do!!

    1. this guy parked in front of my house almost every day. I live right around the street from Halls. I have a 10 y/o little girl. I cant thank you enough for getting this POS pedophile the attention he deserves.

  4. Scoundrel! had the nerve to get an attitude ! i wonder how many of these guys just go and get a new license plate, new id, new face even. Might be a good idea to check the license plates of all 76 and see whether they still match the same perp. i rem at one point FLORIDA legislature or citizens were wanting to make it mandatory for all sex offenders to have flourescent pink license plates, front & back.

  5. I personally think people like this need to be lobotimized lol, keep what your doing and hopefully we will get harsher punishment for people like this

  6. midweek and daytime likely most dangerous freaks, especially daytime bc folk that are out & about are more likely to assume all is okay even if later they reflect & think the nonverbals between child & adult seemed askew.

  7. WOOOW. This sub-himan is that cocky and ridiculously STUPID to try and drop his “Uncle’s” name like he can get him out of luring a 14 year old kid off the internet and trying to meet up at the kids house. Unbelievable how ridiculously stupid these people are. I REALLY hope this arrogant D-bag gets taken down for his sexual interest in KIDS. Then we’ll see the true persona when he’s crying like a bitch because, in his words: “I knew she was underage”. Unreal, jusy unreal the level of unintelligence you guys encounter with a lot of these guys. Blows my mind.
    Good job on exposing another disgusting, perverted, child predator DIRTBAG.

  8. Stadium lights for the entrance! Light these MFers up! I’d so donate to a GoFundMe. Hmmmm…. make it happen das boot!