#77 Edward (Arrested)

Edward, better known as #77, drove an hour in the middle of the day to meet who he believed was a 14-year-old girl. During the short online conversation, he shared things like being unhappily married as well as many sexual statements/advances. Looks like his marriage is about to hit a new low.

Update: May 9, 2018

Upon being made aware of his actions, #77’s employer immediately terminated his employment since he was not authorized to use the dealer plate and the vehicle he drive was not registered.

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  1. wow! a license plate switcher.. probably not even a registered vehicle. yeah, ‘she’ would’ve ended up on a sex farm somewhere possibly anywhere in the world. gonna be an easy divorce for wifey & she’s probably been wondering what’s wrong w/her own self thinking ‘he’s such a good man, i just don’t know what it is..!?’ hopefully, though, she has her own income bc he won’t be providing any for a while: no legit job and any traffickers are gonna shun any and all communication from him now! likely just the release of truth she needs for permission from inside herself to pursue her Godgiven talent.

  2. ..mmaaaaann! and trying for that total trust factor with that necklace (& wedding ring still on). heck, i said b4 that car likely not even registered & see now that is ‘dealership ‘ plates.. heck, ‘edward’ himself may not be ‘registered ‘!

  3. No plates on that car…wow…being a pedo is a big problem, oh well, driving without plates, he has more to hide if ya ask me, hope they get him!!

  4. Wow this dude lined up his beard ‘AND WORE THE GOLD CHAIN,AND THE G-SHOCK TIMEX WATCH. He probably did go shopping before nito got there…It looks like his whole outfit was purchased straight outta Wallys World,along with that horrible haircut.

  5. All I gotta say is thank you, thank God for a group of people that care enough to take it app on themselves to do what your before these young children get hurt…YOU ARE ANGELS

  6. why do so many people do this? its such a sick thing,. i thank God for people like you. if you save one innocent little girl or boy from being violated. you have done an amazing job. thank you for what you do

  7. Wow what a scumbag. I guess him being locked up all those years didn’t help him at all. Maybe he misses getting ass raped.

  8. I LOVE watching these and seeing how stupid and scared they look. You can tell that their heart and mind are both racing and it’s fucking hilarious.

  9. Is there any update news on this creep yet? Hiding his license plates? This guy has done this before I guarantee it. Great work guys.Thank you all.