#78 Jamal aka “Ali”

40-year-old Ali, now better known as #78, came to meet who he believed was a 14-year-old girl home alone. To further show his intention of meeting this “girl”, he even brought the pizza she asked for. This guy used someone else’s pictures & phone number to avoid being identified. If you know or recognize #78 or his vehicle, please send us a message through the contact section.

Update: May 20, 2018

“Ali” has been identified as Jamal and he is from Simsbury CT. If you see this man or know this individual keep him away from your children. He was one of the most elaborate predators we have caught. He cloned a cellphone number that was active under someone elses name and he was also using a completely different person’s pic so he could come pick up the 14 year old girl. Extremely creepy individual after some research.

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  1. wait a second.. that ‘marking’ on the passenger side back door upper portion looks like what observers of the torah use as ‘posts for honoring God Almighty/YHWH ‘ everywhere.. usually see them on home door entrances or shoulders or foreheads. that pizza box reminds me of one I’ve seen similar to it at a nonmajor nonchain delicious pizza shop in tampa florida over 11 years ago. his beard is also in keeping with observer of torah, judaism, kabalah, mennonite, mormon, quaker or hutterites (recently saw a docu about a hutt. (hut is german for hat) criminal enterprise that operates from mexico the country to montana usa)

    1. #78 looks like a Jewish Rabbi or someone that works in a Synagogue. I bet that could be why he took measures to conceal his identity,

  2. The pizza is from Dominos Pizza. They have cameras in all locations and this guy will be on the camera footage for sure picking up his pizza. Here is the evidence that the pizza is from dominos. Look at both images, first one being a still shot of him covering up the pizza where you clearly see the dominos logo. Second image is of a full box and how it looks, showing the Dominos logo on it, the red and white dice logo.
    Image one : http://prntscr.com/jfkpf2
    Image two : http://prntscr.com/jfkpsu

    1. Most defiantly was pizza from Domino’s, I caught that right off the bat myself. I would check local areas and he will be found on one of the establishment cameras for sure. This guy needs to be caught out on who he really is because if he went out of his way to portray himself as someone else to meet a minor then that is def not a good sign right there and he may possibly cause harm to the next victim that actually gets into hos hands. Another great job Nito.

  3. He made bad decisions, and a bad driving score…this bum gets a big fat ZER0 all the way around!

  4. this guy isnt muslim (meant to also mention amish in my previous list) but thatz what he wants folk to think as he’s completg this errand; 00:00:55 looks like a dog (medm to large in size) snozzle smudge on the passenger window; also, that jacket looks like those popular puma ones back from the early 80’s (the beaded massage carseat covers were popular back then too though these donot look very worn at all) before hoodie style became popular.. they had like 3 or 4 material stripes in the corner like white, light light blue, dark blue, then signature light blue.

  5. knew i was forgetting something ?.. but ive never seen that hands free gadget that he has around his waist 00:01:13 to 00:01:19 & it’s likely that not too many of this novelty item has sold in any one area so very likely that can find him or those close to him through this likely online purchase; at 00:00:58 is that just a stylized rack on th roof ? bc from the inside roof, it doesnt look like an opening sun roof; also, looks like he purchased 1 coca cola, and 2 Sprite sodas, and either purchased and drank the water (floorboard) or thatz an old water bottle (or maybe it is also still full).

  6. Another disgusting dirtbag. Please, please law enforcement catch this scum. The longer he’s free, the more he’s talking to and hooking up with children. None of the people in any of these video’s are ok. It’s unacceptable that ANY of them are free to walk the streets, to violate and ruin the lives of CHILDREN. Thank God for this group of wonderful men and organizations like them. Thanks Nito.

  7. I hope you catch this scumbag before he preys on some other child the fact that he tried to hide his identity makes me think he done this before

  8. that would be great! i dont order dom’s, dont even consider it pizza so poss mental block & lack of experience seeing the dom pizzp box prevented recog. but am still somewhat of mindset that was small single pizza shop vs large chain bc where’s the large “OS” in the second link to match the perp image capture?

  9. oh yep, i see the dom now on the part closest to perp and the kinda diamond cutoff edge insets of their sjgnature boxes. this guy is really extremely wickedly creepy.. he kinda disdainfully smirks at popsquad the whole time. then he turns off the car just to immed start it up again using the autopush starter button thingy. probably a lifelong student in midforties living with parents or one disabled parent and has everyone thinkg he’s on some spiritual quest, everyone except his victims, that is. ima look for that handsfree belly tote for phones thingy. that cant be too popular.. brb

  10. this is the closest thing i could find to it.. i was beginning to think it was something he’d invented:


    no other place had it but this #GROUPON ad. every place else kept interpreting my query as a phone BAG.. etsy, amaz, dept stores, etc.

    So this might be another key?

  11. Seeing this likely neckgrip (which perp wore around his waist) for phones (see my prior comment with only found product link), seems he would have had to step into it, & if so, then he may have had to put it on before entering the car & keep it on whille picking up the pizza (well, if is drive thru pick up then neither here nor there), & if so, then possibly wore jacket to cover it (the neck/waist grip gadget) up as would surely serve as a memory trigger. also, wearing that on his waist and covered by his jacket would, at a quick glance, lead onlookers to immed think he was obese (which this guy is not & his actual id docus would likely indicate a weight much less than a poss witness would guestimate!)


  12. Looking closer again, maybe he’s not wearing it but has it connected to his console & just turned in toward his lap/waist area. WOW! this guy is so pissed that he was deceived, look at that glaring stare down 00:00:57 to 00:00:59

  13. why is there an extra hook like mechanism.. on the back of the car, to the right of the license plate as you look on? i’ve never seen anything like that in the back of a van or suv, not in that portion of the vehicle..

  14. okay, back.. so was thinking about how every seat (see thru back windows is there too) has those beaded massage covers & figure is likely a fam medical condition vs a trendy indulgence.. so here are a couple of links that may help find this perp via a medical diag or witnessed picking up related medicine..


    http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/medicine (this one is more of an extra that may have key info but i did not read the whole thing)

    https://www.amazon.com/Zento-Deals-Natural-Massage-Cushion/dp/B01HQJGZRO (the first one looks exactly like the one he has in the car he was driving)

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pudendal_nerve_entrapment (this one suggests nerve damage due to excessive bicycling)

    https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=crmas&p=connecticut+jewish+bike+clubs (i decided to put this whole query bc several results seem relevant but i will highlight two below..



    ..if he is a bikerider that would explain why he had that unique phone holder..)

    We’re gonna catch this dedicated creep!! and not long from now!

  15. here’s a repost of my comment before the last (nerve condtion/biker theories) one bc am not sure i hit post or lost the page somehow..


    ..the one ranked #4, febreeze, looks just like the one captured at 00:01:18 as the sideview mirror reflected it onto the closed passenger window. perhaps he purchased this car freshener at the ‘same’ time as his purchase of the pizza. Also, there are ways/databases to access purchase transactions simply by any one product’s coding!

    we gotta catch this guy bc if he is a deep observer of either judaism or islam then it will be as part of a very closed community and none of his victims may ever feel empowered to report against him.

    LETZ GO!!!

  16. see 00:01:18