#79 Shane (Arrested)

26-year-old Shane, now better known as #79, drove 1.5 hours from Massachusetts to pick up a 14-year-old girl to sleep over his house. After being extremely cautious & driving by the house multiple times, he pulls in to meet us. Doesn’t look like there will be any slumber parties tonight.

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  1. NITO you come off as very professional when dealing with these guys, asking all the right questions, almost like a cop would. I could see you as law enforcement tbh. Great job, loving all the new videos man.

  2. You’ve been on a roll recently with the new catches and posts. Keep up the good work man (and the rest of your organization), society at large needs to be aware of who these people are.

  3. Shirt says “Camp Romaca”. In other disturbing news…….. Romaca is an exceptional, all-girls, sleep-away camp in Massachusetts with 250 campers, 7-15 years old.

  4. “,..probably not again..” child please, this dude will try again on his way home right now! at best, he’ll end up in jail within the next four years .. become somebodies *itch and repeatedly do things to wind up back in jail so he can live his repressed desires outwardly there. seems like his dad already suspects this

  5. also, ..well doctors, therapists, etc. often know 00:17:55 other professionals in their field within several states of their practice, even national & internationally per conferences, professional collaborations, having attended school together, etc.

  6. My guess is…Shane has already been involved with girls who are way too young. In fact, he outed himself regarding that fact when he explained that his father has implored him not to date anyone younger than 21. There’s a reason his father is trying to get that through #79’s thick skull!!! It’s because he’s brought young girls home for sleepovers before. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Nito and crew!

  7. That Tekken music at the end though. I’m also a huge fan of the Matrix. Good shit Incognito, keep it up. You’re doing the world a service. No doubt in my mind this guy has been doing this for sometime. I’m glad you caught him. Fingers crossed the cops catch up with him sooner than later

  8. exactly! some of these guys likely do it merely on a triple dare!!! do not care at all about others, least of all vulnerable children! like the guys that get with women who already have kids so they can exploit/Fm right under their own roof !! shameless Devil!

  9. I know this guy personally, he lives in my town and has tried to pick up MULTIPLE underage girls for years, including me when I was younger. Glad he finally got caught!

  10. Another scary thing is back in the day he told everyone he was gonna become a police officer…. yikes

    1. He almost was a police officer. He was at the academy and got caught with an underage girl. They “quietly” kicked him out and he became an EMT instead.

  11. woe!! sounds like he has that attitude & demeanor that draws out sympathy from authority figures. this response is gonna bite someone in the backside irreparably and likely very soon. also, his dad should stop harboring him. he’s a grown man & his decisions are no longer his parents’ obligation.

  12. Fyi Shane was a local emt and on a local fire department. He is no Ionger on either. I don’t know if he still has his qualifications for these jobs.

  13. Your professionalism (in terms of attitude and video quality/editing) is really appreciated in these videos. The guys out here in Canada (Creep Catchers) are just a bunch of illiterate goons hellbent on looking like vigilante heroes, seemingly filming shit on 2008 flip phones.

    Anyway, you’re proving that you can expose these creeps w/o looking like a tech-illiterate, knuckle-dragging cretin ?

  14. I am absolutely disgusted by this and the fact that I used to hang out with this kid about 8 Years ago I have no words I hope he gets the help he needs and gets put away

  15. What is truly scary is that elicits sympathy with pretending that he knows he’s doing wrong. He doesn’t have the attitude of other catches lately – which in my opinion, makes him more dangerous. These are the guys that can get kids to trust them fairly quickly.

  16. I’m so happy you guys finally caught this guy. I turned him over to police 4 years ago after catching him with my 14 year old sister doing exactly what he said he wanted to do with the girl in the video. All that happened from it was a restraining order for 1 year. So beyond happy you guys got this.

  17. I used to date this guy. Lived with him 4 2 yrs. I was only 18 at the time n he was like 24 . He made me tell my family he was younger then his age.

  18. Shane has been in jail for about a week now. Still waiting to see when he will be in court/what his sentence is, if anyone knows where to check let me know please!

  19. So this guy is locked up now, right? I hope so. He’s far too calm to have not done this before or to not have any plans of doing it again. I think this man should not be allowed to roam the streets unsupervised. He’s too smooth, too cautious. Glad to see the title says “Arrested,” but I would like to know for how long and if he’s been prosecuted or sentenced. Just to put the mind at ease.

    Usually I want these people to get help, find some way to talk about their feelings, and get to the root cause of their attraction to the youth (if there is one), but this man doesn’t get any sympathy. There’s something about him that can’t be placed. Something’s off.