#80 Jay

21-year-old Jay, better known now as #80, took a bus and rode his bike to come sleep over with who he believed was a 14-year-old girl. Like others caught before, he was cautious in trying to make sure she wasn’t a “fed” or that it wasn’t a trap, however like others the compulsion outweighed the risks and he walked right up to the house.

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  1. unbelievably identical to all the others! shows how uncreative demonic forces are. enforcement could really accomplish alot/catch so many if would simply accept the plain truth of what they present; instead, too often assumptions are made based on externals.. hello! thatz the very definition of ‘con’.. Psycho perps help us have confidence in them toward positive belief.. then they laugh at us for being ‘stupid humans’

  2. Did he really bust his ass on his bike at the end??? Hahahaha that’s what that waste of oxygen deserves at the very least…

  3. Jay (aka #80) looking like an “EDC Rave Character”,all he is missing is glow sticks,and a glow in the dark tongue ring and an x pill…what a millennial dirt bag!