#81 Alberto AKA “Mr. M”

“50”-year-old Alberto, aka “Mr. M”, now better known as #81, came out at 11:30 PM to meet who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl. This predator made it very clear to our decoy that he was looking for adult film stars AFTER being informed of her age and asked her if she had ever hooked up before.

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  1. I realize everyone you catch has bad intentions, but this sick bas***d takes the cake! First of all his profile on the app he uses to solicit ppl. for his adult films is bogus, (Mister M, my ass!) Then he doesn’t deny he’s tried this creepy shit before!?! He desperately tried to keep you from seeing his car and wouldn’t reveal what type of other work he does. Sooo many red flags! Bottom line…I sincerely hope this is one case that law enforcement latches onto and they raid this slimeball’s home and businesses. I guarantee you they’ll find plenty of evidence (child porn etc…), to put him behind bars where he belongs! Then again, some soft judge would probably let him off with probation. Assuming there’s enough evidence to convict, the very least they can do is make sure he’s listed on a sex offenders registry. What a SICK, POMPOUS, SOB! Thanks again Nito and crew. Another job well done!

  2. He will cry to a judge about his life and family and the fact that he needs help and then get probation and a program, meanwhile who knows what terrible things he has done to impressionable young people.

  3. This guys a total creep nito. You have to peruse this one to get locked up. I don’t like the fact that he’s an adult film created and he’s meeting up with a child??? Sounds like some seriously illegal and even worse disgusting things could have happened had he lured another young lady out there. This is how child pornography happens right here. Let’s put this guy away.

  4. My God, sick trashbag. NO guilt, NO Remorse, nothing. This is a sick bastard. He’s a constant lurer, u know that. Everyone that knows him prob wouldn’t be surprised. Corrupting innocent children w/his filth. NO Morals, standards, or brain for that matter. can’t call him a pig because pigs are very intelligent. I’d be surprised if this walking filth has any brain cells.

  5. Now this guy is a creepy dude not only because of his overgrown mop on his upper lip, nor his pushed back hair line…you can tell this dude had something far more sinister in mind.This is the guy ya mama told you about in the white van with no windows giving out free candy!

  6. Oh good! Mister M. finally has a real name we can attach to his abdominable persona. I sure hope Alberto has seen this video and he’s sweating the possiible consequences of his choices. Thanks for the update POP Squad!

  7. He is a vile POS and this was not his first time. If law enforcement doesn’t grab him after seeing this video, he will be doing it again.
    Thank you all. This is such an important thing you guys are doing.

  8. I’m happy that you’re doing what you’re doing and catching all these losers but I’m also sad that we need people like you because of all these losers I’m praying for a day where you would not be needed to do this anymore but I don’t think that they will have a come I commend you my predator that did bad things to me was caught. I wish you guys were around when I was a kid. I also wish I can do something to help out the Pop.