#82 Jeffery

Jeffery, age 24, came to meet who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl. After learning of the decoy’s age, he made a comment about how he could go to jail for being with her, but still proceeded to chat with her explicitly, and show up at our house.

Comments 7

  1. Needs to lay off the weed. The Slowness of his brain and answers combined w/the shitty attitude is the worst combination. Add to that a bunch of pervert and you have a 24 year old Burnt out, jerk of a Hebephile. What a trashbag and a half. These lowlives never cease to amaze with the same answers, lack of emotion/caring/remorse and just the blatant lying. You are good man, especially with the self control you have when talking to these sick jerks. I would love to lay into these sick bastards.

  2. This guy is a piece of shit man. As serious as it is that he’s there to meet a minor it also sickens me that he’s wearing a Juventus jersey since that’s my favourite team. I’m glad you exposed this f*ck Nito

  3. can you please put the GoPro on your head or something the knocking on your chest is annoying and I cant hear