#83 Junior

After standing up our decoy, 50-year-old Junior decided he wanted to make it up to whom he believed to be a 14-year-old girl and comes by her house. Watch how his story changes over and over again.

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  1. GTEAT great job !! Another great job by you guys I love what you guys do please don’t ever stop I don’t have any kids of my own but I love how you protect kids as I am a very protective person to children I wish I could join you but I don’t live in the area

  2. I got one thing to say about your organization!…YOU GUYS ARE EPIC!…I never miss a video when you post it on your website. I’m familiar with other organizations like Creep Catchers and the videos I’ve seen from England, but your organization is a GODSEND i love the way you guys conduct yourselves….you guys have MAD MOXIE!…And a HUGE big up to you Incognito…you have major swag!… KEEP ON POPPIN!… I’m a huge major fan!

  3. Nito, awesome focus. what a creep! also, not sure if anyone else has noticed but since #72 (epi ‘marathon man’ LOL w/the ubertaxi getaway &all), the uploads seem to be buffering alot. i dont think itz my device.

    okay, again, what an awesome accomplishment.. folk can see who these creeps are and protect their little ones bc every last one is so dedicated to getting what they want and clearly have a long history of preying on children. really scary, most seem to remain unfazed but it’ll catch up to ’em!

  4. What a lying trashbag. They Act like the decoys are homeless on the streets sayin “I was gonna buy them food” or “help”, or be a “mentor” like they are qualified in ANY way. Riiiight. It’s crazy. Just once I’d like to hear an attempt at some new excuse. Always the same old BS. Thanks again for all you guys do. lock them all up in general pop and inform everyone of what they do. Problems will take care of themselves.

  5. This guy talking about how he thought the girl was a prostitute reminds me of a case from years ago. There was this news reporter named Marvel Scott. He is an MD. He raped an under-aged runaway who was being forced to be a prostitute. This guy Scott was handsome, a DOCTOR, and he could have gotten any woman he wanted and he instead raped an under-aged runaway. Guess what? While this guy’s television news career seems to have ended, his private medical practice is thriving. Absolutely disgusting. He should have lost his license and been sent to prison. He just got probation, I think (or whatever the word is for someone who doesn’t get a prison sentence but some lighter ruling).

    Age is an arbitrary thing. You could say it’s just a number. It amazes me how when a person who is 17 years 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds is considered off limits but suddenly when that last second gives way to her being 18, it’s suddenly okay for a man old enough to be her grandfather to have sex with her. It never is. 18 is still a child. 21, in many ways, is a child. I wouldn’t want my 21 year old daughter dating a 50 year old. Kids need to be nurtured. Having sex with some skeevy old man is disgusting (not that fifty is old. But when you’re trying to screw a 20 year old, it certainly is).