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42-year-old Al called out of work to sleep over with what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl after talking extremely sexual & bringing condoms. Mom & incogNito have a talk on the phone.

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  1. This sickko using the excuse that he has a learning disability but at the same moment admitting he knew it was illegal and wrong. I dispise people playing the victim like this and using mental illness excuses to get out of things. I would have been more tough on him personally just because he is one of those “victim” role players trying to make you guys go easy on him because of his poor little mental condition.

  2. Seems like his parents did some damage, treating him as a child. The first thing he did was start crying, which could be his tactic for getting out of trouble with his parents. when that didn’t work with you, he started yelling/shouting. EXTREMELY self-entitled, spoiled, child-like behavior. He needs to be treated as an adult and called out on his BS. He KNEW what he was doing was wrong from the start, “learning disability” or not. Very scary because he has the mentality of a child which makes children more appealing to him because he’s closer to them mentally. Yikes. He is just a HUGE disaster waiting to happen.

  3. This guy is dangerous and his parents treat him like a child. Problem is they won’t get him help becase there older and come from the times when you ignore thes kind of things and sweep thrm under the rug becase heaven forbid. What would the neighbors think or worse like the Rabbi or priest? Once again nooooo this is the first and only time. BS!! I loved when you busted him erasing stuff on his phone. I hope the police contact you on this one becase he’s got to be delt with and the parents aren’t going to do anything but hide it like they have been for 20 plus years!

  4. lotsa buffering on this one, espcly at 00:17:41 .. still hasn’t downloaded for me. took three tries over an hour span of time just to get that far. i wonder where he works? stocker?

  5. Damn this one was really strange. He knows right from wrong so his mental disability isn’t an excuse.

  6. He carries diapers with him. LOL. When this guy asked if his parents needed to know, Nito should have said, “Depends.” lol

  7. If i had it my way i would bring back the guillotine for any type of child harassment or life in jail im 19 i aint got no kids but there isn’t any crime worse than one towards a child.

  8. damn thats some fucked up parenting here on display. I would definately ask him what his parents will do to him that he’s so afraid of them, because it looks like there has to be a lot of abuse behind it. Not making excuses, just looking at bigger picture. This guy is a troubled person and it’s frightening he’s meeting young girls. This could easily end up with forceful rape if the girl was real. Hope he gets help, because he’s a danger to society.