#85 Ale

Ale came out to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old girl at a hotel room after talking to another one of our minor decoy accounts at the same time! Ale meets with the live decoy when he parks and this happens…

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  1. Wow! can you sa Heroin ? Can and can’t believe you guys had him talking with two of your people online . He realised he was buuuuuusted and that Heroin he just mainlined just hit him all at once trying to take him to happy happy land and he almost noded out standing up. Youll be seeing him again .

  2. DAMN this guy is messed up. Who knows what he would have done to a young girl. 🙁 Great work guys, thank you all so much.

  3. I’ve never seen a person, not under the influence, at like this, other than someone that was going into/coming out of a seizure or after experiencing heavy physical trauma. That was some weird stuff, for a second thought he was going to fall forward. Benzo, opiate, soma type behavior. If he really was sober, you all scared the hell out of him for his body to react that way. If so, that’s hilarious. TWO decoys in one day. What a sicko. Great job.

  4. would’ve been perfect to let Ale ‘rekindle’ with the decoy he’d blown off & set up another sting rendezvous.. like at nearest HRC 2 days later.. ‘sir, would you like hardrock burger, twisted mac & a glass of fries with your 12 year old’.. would’ve been his fantasy bubble & POPd! (not suggesting anything against HRC)

  5. This is just an idea and don’t take this as me excusing his behavior and we should all take pity on him because I’m not, but I think what we all just witnessed was probably a very sever panic and/or anxiety attack. I’ve had panic attacks before, although they were relatively mild and I don’t recall having ever drooled on myself while experiencing one, but I suppose everyone is different and losing control of your bodily functions isn’t all that uncommon. But the other things we were seeing; cold sweats, feelings of nausea, feeling weak and faint… those are well known physical symptoms of a panic and/or anxiety attack. And with the combination of being caught by you and your partner, the fear of the video going up and having his friends, family, and potentially the police seeing it, and if he’s an immigrant, that could very much mean both jail time and deportation… yes, that could cause someone to have a panic attack and therefor he could have been telling the truth and was actually sober.