#86 Lance aka “Larry”

Lance aka “Larry” came out to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy after a long game of hide & seek. “Larry” kept circling the meeting location from multiple view points before leading the decoy to a bathroom on the complete opposite side of the premises.

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  1. omgosh! a room too! thatz why he claimed to be there with family! no boy would’ve ever escaped the grip of those muscular hands! what a piece of work! then, of course, ‘didnt c age, never done b 4’ blah blah blah! & he kept making that last protest so much that am sure no less than 5 peop will update/comment sayg ‘that creep tried to abduct.. when was 5!’..

    he was sweatin bullets, too. wonder where he works? what if he’s from oo/state?

  2. Casino? Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun? Damn when I go there again I will be looking at people in a whole different light.

  3. What! Little Larry(aka Lance) looking like a bite size Jay Lenno! Just lying ? thru his blue tooth!!!

  4. “I’m not a genie, I don’t grant wishes”. I L0led. Noice. Soon as I saw that terrible, terrible hair made me think of dwarf sized Wayne Newton. Why do middle-aged dudes still walk around with bluetooths like it’s all the rage? Only things missing are an earing and a fanny pack. His fashion sense should be illegal as well. Man oh man. So gross. Did he say earlier he swears on his dead father’s grave, then a little later said he’s at the casino with his mom, dad….then you cut in? That was weird. Maybe I didn’t hear correctly. Nice job.

  5. Another thing I would like to add to Nito,you are very professional and you CYA soooo perfectly bros,and you ask all the right questions to get em tongue tied, and caught up in their lies. Your videos are awesome!