#88 Sultan

Sultan drove from multiple towns over at 9:15 at night to meet who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl after hearing she was alone & having a sexual conversation.

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  1. So sick of these trashbags. Yet again, another one that came into our country and is breaking our laws. If people were law-abiding, productive members of society contributing to better our country, then fine, let them live here. But, if they are worthless scumbags coming here, committing crimes, or like this one trying to have sex with kids, that should be AUTOMATIC deportation back to thier country. Along with being restricted to their country and should never be allowed to leave again. Why is it so hard to create a database with these people in there, sending them back and keeping them where they came from? Many of these people trashed up this country and now it’s one huge cesspool of trashbags and many that don’t give a damned about the country that let them in ans gave them a chance at living an actual life. And, this is how they repay that generosity, they fake not understanding/speaking english and try to have sex with kids. What in the hell is wrong with this place??? jisrbý66mmmmmm5mmmmm5m5y5..

  2. Someone on Facebook gave a good bit of advice for you guys to think about. They said maybe you should get a team member that speaks Spanish.
    These guys are just crawling out from under the rocks for little children. They are disgusting.
    Thank you, Nito and the Team.

  3. someone should find out if this turd is an illegal immigrant. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he is.