#89 Matt

20 year old Matt, came out at 11:00 at night to meet who he believed to be a 14 year old girl to get high with her. While the conversation may not have been sexual in nature, he followed the same pattern as our other predators.

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  1. goodness gracious! does he live w/his folks? do they know about his weed hab? ct legal? 1st place he needs to go after work is the gym (me too..) bc his heart is gonna burst in a lil while if he stays like that.

    proly gonna try one of those other minors.

  2. “what are you doing here tonight?” the question of the year.
    Y’all are killin it out there! So glad y’all went viral! – Texas

  3. This is sad, I can forsee his 1st gf being underage because of his appearance and mentality. Girls think it’s so cool to have an older bf. Scary. Won’t be the last time, I’m sure. Nice job.

  4. Omg I laughed so fuckin hard when you said ” so you didn’t freshen up before you came here…that’s fuckin disgusting” I even heard a guy crack up in the background when you said it. You made my night with this one bro. Keep up the awesome work, a nice donation coming your way again asap.

  5. That gold chain is holding on for dear life around that big meaty neck…and why was he dressed like he was on stand by for a pick Basket Ball game…now he knows he is not athletic!

  6. It’s totally insane, how retarded and desperate these predators are. Everyone knows there’s vigilante groups online busting these guys on youtube videos..and online police stings, And yet these predators still try to meet up with under-aged kids online knowing the risks.

  7. Wait, I knew I recognized him. This isn’t Matt, It’s Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. Been trying to figure out where I’ve seen him before. He sure went downhill.