#90 Mike

Mike came from New Britain to hang out with who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl. Mike however didn’t stick around very long…

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  1. floor buffing machine.. what does he do, bleach clean & then wax & buff the floors after he cleans up the sperm &/or blood!!? does buffing take off the layer of floor that holds enough bodily fluids for luminol to light up? freakin sophisticated azz degenerates nowadays.

  2. Damn, his feet sprouted wings. Nito, if you get any updates on this rat bastard please share it? Thank you guys for the great work you are doing, for our children.

  3. What a sorry disgusting trashbag. Dude KNEW all along everything he was doing was wrong and illegal, hence the world record dash to his truck. Definitely not his first time. The Flash superhero reaction time like that takes a ton of practice dodging little girls’ dads and brothers. He’s a pro. Hope this trashbag gets what’s coming to him for talking to and wanting to have sex with little girls and

  4. Should be easy to catch. It is not like rental companies just toss keys to someone who gives them money.