#91 Benjamin aka “Dave”

Benjamin, aka “Dave” came by to hang out late at night with who he believed to be a 14-year-old girl that was home alone. He even brought over a bag of Snapples and decided to leave it at our door. Perhaps as a peace offering? He didn’t want to stick around to talk with us either.

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  1. im pretty sure it isnt even his real name i wonder what is going through these guys heads as they walk up to the house

  2. Time to switch up the approach. All these scum bags are hip to it. But, on the other hand, 91 of them have been outed so….. I guess it’s working. Good work “Nito”, you really are doing awesome

  3. LE needs to go after these dirtbags that just take off. They are repeat predators, out there continuing to snag little children. Funny, against all instincts of being wrong, or “not real”, they STILL follow through with their plans to meet a little kid all in hopes of having sex with them.
    I just spoke to a co-worker yesterday that’s from Afghanistan and grew up all over the middle east and she told me her 30 yr old ex bf just proposed to a 15 yo in Afghanistan, and it is totally legal for sick, perverted dirtbags to hookup with and marry underage little girls (10, 11, 12, 13, etc) over in the middle east areas. Hence the reason a lot of these trashbags from the middle east come here and just continue that behavior like it’s all good. They don’t care about the laws of our country, they just want those little girls and boys. Freakin Sickening, literally.

  4. well, tiffany, if you think thatz sickening, wake up people!!! thatz what sharia law advocates are all about, bringg their isl/musl ways over to wherever they migrate AND as far back as 2010 (or was it 2004? 2007?) local judge in Indiana USA was regularly honoring their rules essentially permitting such men who’d come over here to legally treat their wives like that here (no doubt he/judge merely seeking a way to exhonerate what we call male chauvinist pigs here)

  5. His name is Benjamin Howard. His employer is aware and I think the police are also involved because he’s from out of state