#92 Allen

A very cautious 57-year-old Allen, better known as #92, scoped out the meeting area multiple times after not showing up for a pervious meeting a few days prior. He walked a mile in the rain to meet who he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

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  1. What a weirdo …you guys this is a clear case of possible inbreeding or a whole lot of crack and meth. Check out that still shoot @ 3:57…YIKES…I bet he grows a lump every time he lies!

  2. ..and this one http://www.learn2serve.com/connecticut-alcohol-server-certification

    the laws are obviously designed to entrap or ensnare innocent undesirables because otherwise dui’s would get more than a slap on the wrist , etc. the liquor & cigarette age legislation has gotten so ridiculous that it could be just as risky working as a cashier as having a private brain surgery practice. That’s how you know it’s just a law on the books for practicers of lawlessness to ex out ‘uncooperatives’

  3. I am 1000% sure I have seen this guy (or his identical lookalike) somewhere before, I just can’t figure out where.. 57 years old my ass, more like 75 at least

  4. Awesome job guys,keep up the good work,he deserves a reasonable sentence,for me that would be

  5. What a fucking creep. You didn’t even need to expose him for it to be obvious lmao

    Real talk though good catch

  6. This is my neighbor thank god i saw this . we have a door that seperates our apartments and I always have my ten year old sister over. Time to move

    1. Show the video to your landlord..or apartment manager. They might be able to evict him with the evidence thats revealed on the video. No landlord wants a pedophile in their buildings that could endanger children of neighboring tenants.

  7. What a creep! 57 years old??? I guess being a pedophile makes you look much older than you really are!

  8. #92 looks like the kind of perv that would have kiddie porn on his computer. I hope police will arrest him and lock him up in jail where he belongs

  9. Biggest moron ever. My God what an ugly dirtbag. Not trying to be mean, but…Damn. Hate to see the Gf. Plus, he likes kids? What could ever be attracted to this? NO positive qualities. This trashbag is 3 yrs younger than my dad but looks 30 years older. Sick. He’s done long-term heavy, heavy drugs; his looks, speech, and brain are shot! Throw em all on an isolated island, let em fend for themselves.

  10. Hi guys. What is going on with your Facebook page? I can’t comment or even “LIKE” your page? Is everything okay?