#93 Devin

Devin, now better known as #93, came out to meet who he believed to be a 14-year-old boy at 9:22pm. After learning the age of the decoy, he acknowledged it and said that he was okay with it. However when confronted by POP Squad, his story quickly changes.

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  1. Please post the chat logs. How old is he, where is he from, etc. Thank you for what you do.

  2. i got the wrong address….man the look of caught out and the back and forth to the car in confusion….

  3. He’s from Southington, is also. Substitute teacher for the Highschool last I knew

  4. This guy goes to Southington Cardio Express REGULARLY! It will be know that he is a peda, and deserves to rot in prison!!! You are this man, make it known. From what I know he was and still may be a substitute teacher in the area, so please if your kids go to school in or around Southington check to see if he is at your schools teaching.

  5. I’m not from this area, so I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint this nasty suspect pedophile. But I will give you and anyone else my full support in terms of praise for eradicating this filthy cockroach once and for all!! May this raunchy animal pay dire and high consequences for his actions!!!

  6. he Always looked weird at me in the hallways of Southington high school, now I know why. I have seen him at many occasions at Southington high school. He deserves nothing but prison and life sentence!!

  7. This is so crazy, he used to work at depaolo middle school and he was a really cool dude. My friend and I used to go to the gym every day and he used to hang out there for hours and follow us in the locker room, it’s all making sense now. I’m still in shock

  8. I’m sure Devin would of fixed that bad weave blow out if he knew he was gonna be the star of the week on Pop Squad TV, looking like a bag lady in front of the local liquor store. And SURPRISE big DEV it seems alot of folks know you on here! And if any females know a good hair stylist slide Devin that info!!! Good work guys!

  9. Ew gross. This nasty trashbag works with minors?! This low-life scum needs to be eradicated. Ban these hebephiles/pedos from any minor contact!! What trash these dirtbags are.

  10. The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice ~ Tupac
    Well, now we can all look at the adults that interact with our children and be even more cautious. This guy is done and should not be around children ever again. On a positive note, he has video evidence of the point where his life went wrong. He can look back as many times and hopefully make better choices.

  11. I just placed a call to Adelbrook where he works, judging by the urgency from the HR person on the phone, they had no idea…..

    Now they do!!!