#94 Treyquan

19 yea old Treyquan, better known as #94, came to meet who he believed to be a 14 year old boy. After asking our decoy numerous times if he was law enforcement, #94 waited for our decoy’s aunt to leave the house for 2 hours and then entered the house with a bag of lube and condoms.

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  1. If he would be #2 is there a video for #1. Very interested. I have to say I’m glad this individual took the time to let you do your thing. I think something did happen to him when he was younger. I think it boils down to this-did what happened to us in our childhood destroy our soul before it ever got to develop or did our soul take hold first. I think once it takes hold we always have hope, its how to end up on the other side of the camera. To me the world is all empaths and personality disorders-was the soul allowed to develop or not……..

  2. Haven’t seen many new videos posted lately. I’ll take that as a good sign, I hope! Or the creeps are just getting “smarter” when it comes to meeting someone underage. As always, thanks for what you’re doing.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they people watch videos here or on other social media. I wonder if they think to themselves” I am smarter than these guys, I wouldn’t fall for that trap”.

  3. i wonder what he told the person who drove him as to what & why he needed to get there AND whether there’s a law that would prosecute the driver as well like the laws that find fault when folk help a minor gain access to cigarettes & alcohol.

  4. . Group home delivers pedofiles with a state car on our tax money SMFH. Hope you turned this over to DCF with a note asking for an explanation his ass is owned by the state someone better have a damn good explanation for this. The media would have a hayday with this one. You guys may have caught the most important one yet ! If the state is not checking which they obviously aren’t as to where and what this kid is doing I think every news agency out there could start helping to bring this horrible problem with little to no consequences to a light of change. You guys rock keep it up but get some answers because this dude is disturbing AF

    1. Maybe the social media pages of local news agencies should get sent this link? It would help I think.

  5. Great work Team PopSquad. This guy was very careful in how he answered any questions. Calculating. If he was so smart, why risk getting arrested? None of them can ever answer the simple question: WHY.

  6. Anyone that thinks this is his natural color say ” I ” and does anyone else notice his shorts blend in with his knees,because I thought they were pants.

  7. never heard you say they need to be put down before thats how i feel! you mess with a child you automatically need to be killed bruttaly bring back the guillotine for pedophiles!