#95 Thomas

Thomas, better known as #95 came to meet what he believed to be a 14-year-old boy at 3:30pm. Wanted to bring him back to his parents house due to them not being home. Two hours after the catch/meeting, Tom sent a dick pic to the number he had been texting showing no remorse.

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  1. Nito, did you recently stop reading their licence plates out loud on the video? I noticed you didn’t do it with this guy. They never can think up believable lies. They all think they aren’t going to get caught. The laws are too lax, if they were made to be incredibly strict maybe less of these losers would even try to meet a child.
    Great work PopSquad.

  2. his croc tear eps were really him maskg laughter. totally seared conscious. he’ll end up as a ‘guest or meal’ for some johnwaynegacy or jeffreydahmer ‘ type once lucifer finishes using him to damage kids.

  3. Pretty sure he was a special needs student when at school – not an excuse but probably limited understanding of socially acceptable behavior

  4. expecting more updates this July4th weekend (idle time), how about you??! also prayg the conviction #s increase & that some will be brave enough to get the help #NITO suggests

  5. Im confused… he sent you a dick pick AFTER he was caught?? Was he Fing with you or did he think there was still an actual boy involved? Not sure if you know the answer?